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Official: Chelsea send midfielder back to Vitória on loan

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One of the more seasoned, though lesser known soldiers of the Chelsea Loan Army is 24-year-old Mexican midfielder Ulises Davila.  He signed with Chelsea approximately six million years ago (2011, actually), and has since had about seventeen different loans (5, actually).  The fifth was a six-month loan to Vitória (FC?  de Setubal?  Portuguese clubs can be a bit touchy about these things) in the second half of last season, and the Primeira Liga side confirmed on Tuesday that they're taking Davila back for the next 12 months as well.

It's unclear why it's taken them almost two months to finalize the loan; the stories of him staying for another season broke way back at the start of June.  In any case, he's now there and has already started training with his teammates on Monday, and all with Mourinho's blessing, even.

"[Mourinho said that to] continue in Victoria and Portuguese League could be very good for my development as a player. Having the opportunity to play regularly in a competitive league, it became my goal and [Vitória] could provide me that. I want to give back the way I was received last season and match the desire to return me to be here. I want to do important things with this [shirt] and I count on the support of all [the fans]..."

-Uli Davila; source: Vitória FC

By all accounts, Davila seems very happy with his move, so good luck to him and to Vitória in the upcoming season.  He has at least one, if not two more years left on his Chelsea contract.