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Salah-drama latest: Roma's Twitter oops, Fiorentina's threats, Chelsea's headaches

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

On Monday morning, we heard some harsh and threatening words coming from the lovely city of Florence, from Fiorentina president Andrea Della Valle.  His anger seemed a bit over-the-top, even for this ridiculous summer-long soap opera that's been Mohamed Salah's transfer saga.

In short, Della Valle claims that Fiorentina hold Salah's registration still, and that he cannot actually join another team until they agree to it.  And they won't agree until they're properly compensated.  This has been their story for some time now, but they seemed to back down from their threats of legal action over the past few weeks, and I had personally hoped the issue would quietly get resolved.  So what happened that set off Della Valle again?  The hero's welcome that Salah received at the airport in Rome certainly did not help.  Nor did the player talking to the media and joining the team in training, even if it was just for "medical testing" purposes.  And then Roma's Twitter team had a bit of an oopsie, too.

Considering that La Viola got angry at Inter for having the temerity to talk about possibly signing the player, their reaction to Roma's actions is hardly surprising.

So what's next on the Salah-days of our Lives?  At this point, nothing could possibly surprise me.  Baby-daddy drama?  Perhaps a "who shot J.R.?" cliffhanger?  Maybe this is all just a dream?  Gianluca Di Marzio claims that Wednesday could be a pivotal day in this saga, which is a decent bet considering that Fiorentina are coming to Stamford Bridge on that day to play Chelsea in what's supposed to be a "friendly" ... but is likely to more of an "awkward-ly."

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