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Left back rumors dismissed three months ago resurface

Putting the silly back into Silly Season!

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Guess who's back!  Back again.  The Danny Rose rumor is back.  Tell a friend.

Actually, don't.  This is pretty silly.  You wouldn't want to look silly to your friends now, would you?  (Instead, we'll take that hit for you.  And then add in the possibility of this becoming real somehow, making us look silly twice over.  You're welcome!)

"Chelsea have asked Tottenham to name their price for Danny Rose."

"Blues boss Jose Mourinho is desperate to sign a left-back before the start of the season on Saturday, and it is believed that the Premier League champions are willing to pay around £15million for Rose."

-source: Mirror

The Danny Rose rumor isn't really anything new.  We were linked with him at the very start of Silly Season, alongside Manchester City.  Of course, anytime there's an English home-grown player with even a tiny hint of playing ability who may possibly be available for transfer, Chelsea and City get linked, so we dismissed the rumor pretty quickly back then.  And then most of the left back rumors died down anyway, with only Baba Rahman continuing to simmer along in the background.

Even when Filipe Luis left, the rumors did not pick back up, which has led us to assume we're signing Rahman at any moment now.  So maybe this story is just our way to try hurry that deal along.  Or maybe somebody at the Mirror felt this could a fun re-run, like that episode of Seinfeld you've seen 50 times, except nowhere near as good.

P.S.: On a related note, maybe we should just keep Todd Kane, and his brand new three-year contract around?  Yes?  YES!

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