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Final glimmer of Pogba hope: Juve sign two midfielders on transfer deadline day

The guy on the left.
The guy on the left.
Claudio Villa/Getty Images

This is a very weak straw and by clutching at it, I've almost broken it already.  Do not clutch this one!  Go get your own!  This is my straw to clutch.

Yes, both moves were confirmed officially.  The paperwork for both moves was submitted with plenty of time to spare before last night's transfer deadline (which was at 11pm local time for Italy).  You might think it's a bit silly to specify that the paperwork went through, but in light of Real Madrid and Manchester United apparently screwing up the De Gea deal by missing the deadline by a minute (HA-HA)*, and with Napoli also failing to submit paperwork for a player they tried to sign from Sampdoria (HA-HA), it's important to keep in mind that the deadline is a hard deadline.

* wait, maybe it's back on?

While the transfer windows in Italy and Spain (and most everywhere else in Europe) have now shut, the UK window is open for another 18 hours or so, until 6pm BST.  Plenty of time to push through incoming transfers then by English clubs, though buying from continental clubs will be even tougher given that they won't be able to secure replacements until January.  But since Juventus just signed two midfielders, and many claimed they only needed one, maybe... you know... I mean it's highly unlikely, even at the outrageous numbers being thrown around, but there's not much else to look forward to on Transfer Deadline Day.

Don't squeeze too hard.  Just whisper it lightly.  Pogba.  Pogba.  Poor straw...

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