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Zenit claim Witsel not for sale, but does have release clause

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Chelsea have not been directly involved in the Axel Witsel chase since a few tenuous rumors in the middle of the summer, but we're keeping an eye on it anyway.  If we are to sign a midfielder last minute, and that midfielder isn't meant to be Paul Pogba (which it almost certainly isn't going to be), we could do much worse than Witsel.  In fact, he's been linked with Juventus precisely as a replacement for either Pogba or, more likely, the already departed Arturo Vidal.

Meanwhile, our friends over at Spurs have been mentioned recently as well, and while Willian does tend to divide opinion, I'd be all about gazumping Spurs over another transfer of an afroed player from the Russian league for around €30m.  Well, except...

Compared to Pogba, that's almost a bargain!  (Not really.)