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Juventus would not sell Pogba even for €150m

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

Regardless of Chelsea's actual level of interest and progress in any talks that may exist with Juventus over Paul Pogba, the stories in the English and Italian media continue to run along already established lines.  The English language reports claim Chelsea and Mourinho want Pogba above all others and are willing to offer astronomical wages and transfer fees.  The Italian language reports claim that Pogba does not want to leave, even for the promise of astronomical wages (£300k+ per week), and that Juventus do not want to sell, even for astonishing prices.

Just how astonishing are we talking?

"Juventus [have] informally [made it known] that at this point [in] the market, even 150 million Euros [couldn't] convince Marotta to open negotiations..."

-source: Gazzetta dello Sport

One-hundred fifty million euros.  Over one-hundred million pounds.  £110m, to be more accurate, at today's exchange rates.  Also known as two KevinDeBruynes!

So, £110,000,001 then?

Any hope Chelsea may have for signing Pogba would probably depend on Juventus, who are off to an even worse start to the season than Chelsea, signing some sort of replacement today, on the final day of the Italian summer transfer window.

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