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Mourinho: 'What makes history is victories'

If you're a fan of the Premier League and living in the United States, regardless of which team you actually support, chances are you have heard or at least know of the Men in Blazers — i.e. Michael Davies (Chelsea fan) and Roger Bennett (Everton fan).* If you haven't, or if you're not in the USA, you're missing out. What started as a silly podcast and satellite-radio show has grown into a multi-media empire of suboptimal soccer content, complete with a weekly TV show, live specials, and now, even a "BlazerCon", a sort of Comic-Con for football in the United States.  That latter bit may be jumping the shark a bit, but I suppose only time will tell.

Last month, we featured one of their podcasts that contained a surprise interview with John Terry, but this time around they have something even more ... Special ... up their sleeves.  This coming Sunday, at 2pm EDT, a one-hour special Frost v. Nixon Rog vs. Jose Mourinho will air on NBCSN.

To provide of taste of what's sure to be amazing television, MiB have released a podcast special featuring bits and pieces of the interview to come.  While we've heard much of what Jose has to say in one form or another before, it's still a worthwhile 22 minutes of you life to click that play button and listen.  Incidentally, BT Sport's recent profile of Jose (covering some of the same ground) was also 22 minutes!  Coincidence?  Mourinho mind games?  WHO KNOWS!

(On that note, my favorite bit of this interview is when Jose admits — or at least wants us to believe — that his post-match rants are just that, rants.  I've always had this sneaking suspicion, but many continue to believe that everything is part of some grand Machiavellian plan.)

* Awkward John Stones transfer request pod special, anyone?

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