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Kenedy first words: 'I used to play with these guys on my Playstation, now I'm here alongside them'

For the full interview, which has since been taken down, check out Chelsea official or @CFCvid.

Having officially signed with Chelsea a few days ago, 19-year-old Kenedy has finally gotten around to sitting down with Chelsea TV for the traditional first interview as well.

The fact that he is getting an interview is a fairly decent indicator that he is set to play a part in the first-team, just as he has since the start of preseason when he was first given permission by Fluminense to join up with the Blues. It may not be a large role — he is just 19 after all — but apparently Mourinho has told him that he will get his chance.

"Mourinho is always talking to me, he's making sure I'm mentally ready and happy at Chelsea. He told me that my time will come. [...] My goal is to become better every single day and maybe one day I can become one of the best in the world. It's a dream."

Kenedy comes across as a very likable young man, all smiles and slightly nervous happiness — guys, is this really happening ... guys? — as he talks about playing the Premier League and playing alongside some of his heroes.

"Deco, Oscar, Willian, Ramires... I used to play with these guys on my Playstation, now I'm here alongside them. It's very exciting."

Wait, was he the one controlling David Luiz all this time!!? Whoa...

Welcome, Mr. Kenedy.

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