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Mourinho: Pedro's arrival will see one right winger leave, but definitely not Willian

There's one too many!

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One of the reasons Pedro's arrival came as such a shock was that we were told along that we were done in the transfer market.  Except for a replacement left back (suspected all along to be Baba Rahman) and possibly a new center back (maybe John Stones), we were done.  We certainly were not expecting a new attacking player; we were supposedly set with our numbers there (regardless of quality).

So now that Pedro's here, someone will have to make way.  And we're not talking the younger, fringe players like Bertrand Traoré or Kenedy.  We're talking either Juan Cuadrado or Victor Moses.  No, not Willian, you rascals.

"Players are different and Willian does things Pedro doesn't."

"One of the biggest lies of the market is when I read that we want to sell Willian, or that other clubs want him. Maybe they do, but they won't get him."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Cuadrado and Moses do different things from Pedro, too, but that will not save at least one them, apparently.  Neither will Cuadrado's hefty fee or Moses's quality preseason and time at Stoke City.

Chelsea are open to offers for Juan Cuadrado and Victor Moses, but Mourinho stressed the arrival of Pedro will not see Willian sold.

-source: Telegraph

Cuadrado has been repeatedly linked with Juventus in recent weeks, with many connecting the dots and hoping that would eventually develop into some sort of a deal for Paul Pogba.  That player swap (+cash) is unlikely to happen this summer, but perhaps we're playing a longer game there.  Or, more likely, we're just speculating.

Meanwhile, Moses has been tenuously linked with both Aston Villa and Tottenham Hotspur since Pedro's arrival.  After two years out on loan, Moses had been looking to take advantage of his opportunity to once again feature for Chelsea this season, but after a strong preseason, he's been slowed by a rather untimely injury.  His lack of match action is probably not helping the perception of how much he's rated by Mourinho or Chelsea either.  Unfortunately for him, he's also probably a lot more movable thanks to his lower wages, much smaller previous transfer fee, and current market valuation.

Less than 10 days left to figure it out.  The short time frame might result in just a loan agreement in the end, but either way, somebody will be leaving.

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