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Pogba hype dies a quick death, but are Chelsea just laying the groundwork for next summer?

We Ain't Got No Paul Pogba. No, really.

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Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Cancel the confetti.  Keep the cannoli.

The Sun may have shouted to the world about a £69m "agreed" transfer fee — they literally called it "an offer [Juventus] cannot refuse" — and others like Tancredi Palmeri may have BOOMed even louder about a €120m offer, but it would seem that Juventus could indeed refuse it all.  Don't make us resort to horse heads, Juve!

Unlike whiny little Everton, Juventus appear to be simply doing what normal clubs do, rejecting offers and repeating that the player is not for sale.  As indicated by giving the player the #10 shirt, the Italian champions are retooling their (Vidal-less, Pirlo-less) midfield to be completely built and centered around Pogba.  Everybody on our side may be emboldened by the Pedro transfer, but Juventus don't seem to be bothered too much.

There is, however, an interesting little tidbit in a Telegraph report.

Mourinho spoke on Friday about looking for opportunities in the remainder of the transfer window. Chelsea have a long-standing interest in Paul Pogba, but may have a better chance of signing the Juventus midfielder next summer...

-source: Telegraph

Could we be just laying the groundwork for a successful bid next summer?  Hope dies last, after all.

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