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'SUPERBOOM' as Chelsea table world record bid for Paul Pogba

Hey, the zoo called. You're due back by six.

Tancredi Palmeri is the poster-child for building professional success and gaining world-wide attention through the power of Twitter.  For many years, he was just another contributor at Gazzetta and occasionally CNN.  But then he took his obnoxious brand of lunacy to Twitter, and a few BOOMs later, starting around 2012 and really breaking out in 2013, a massive media star was born.  It hardly mattered that he got things wrong all the time (Cavani to Chelsea, Mata to PSG, to name a couple obvious ones).  He was loud, he was brash, he was confident.  A stereotypical Italian, if you will.  He also blocked me on Twitter after I wrote about my personal disappointment in the Cavani saga, which is fairly hilarious in its own right.

There's a chance that Tancredi is just an elaborate performance art masterpiece by some Andy Kaufman-esque prankster playing the long game on the rest of us rumor-hungry chumps.

For maximum effect, he tweeted it in three languages.  "Italian by birth. Sicilian by the grace of God."  BOOM.  MULTI-BOOM.  SUPERBOOM.

Tick tick tick.  BOOM.



...and the Double Jeopardy round...

Plus, De Bruyne has agreed with Manchester City. It's all happening. (Maybe.)

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