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Chelsea officially release 2015-16 third kit, just in time for West Brom

After yesterday's accidental leak, these are now finally, officially official.

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West Bromwich away, in a black kit.  If that doesn't strike fear into your heart (especially if your name is Roberto Di Matteo or Andre Villas-Boas), I'm not sure what will.  It's probably safe to say that self-intimidation is not exactly what adidas intended with these.

What they did intend ... well, that's up for debate.  Most popular theory is that they're a very literal tribute to our new sponsors, Yokohama TYRES/TIRES.  Or maybe, as pointed out in the comments, the designer was listening to some classic Joy Division and caught a glimpse of the cover art.

Either way, the shirt's definitely trying too hard, when it should just be simple and classy and black.  And that's before we get to the shorts, which, in my not-so-humble and often repeated sartorial opinion, are an unmitigated disaster.

But hey, at least the socks are white.  I could use some new socks.  It's commonly known that playing in your favorite club official socks makes you run 10% faster, jump 5% higher, and shoot twice as hard.  Science!

Chelsea could use some of that sciencey magic on Sunday at the Hawthorns, which when the kit will make its debut.

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