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Pedro delighted to be at a place where he feels wanted, is ready to help Chelsea win more trophies

Amazing how much difference proper clothing can make.  Everyone's crazy about a sharp dressed man, and Pedro sure looks good in Chelsea blue and Chelsea white.

It also helps that he seems a very affable young man -- or, I guess 28 isn't young in football but whatever -- which is just weird after all these years of conditioning my brain to detest anything and everything Barcelona-related.  It took me a while to warm to Fabregas last season (his assists definitely helped), but it hasn't taken much time at all with Pedro (despite not being quite as enthused about his arrival as most others).

Unfortunately, as it is normally the case with official Chelsea videos, the full interview can only be seen on the official website with the proper online fan club membership monthly subscription thingamabob.  The snippet above is from the end of the full interview, where he addresses the Chelsea fans in English.  The rest of the interview is conducted in Spanish.  There's also a short write-up with slightly different questions and answers than in the video.

Pedro, as to be expected for a serial winner, speaks a lot about (continuing) to win titles, about linking up with good friend Cesc Fabregas, and playing for "the best manager" Jose Mourinho.  At least that's what the translator said, summing up a much longer answer in Spanish in just a few words.  Either way, Pedro seems genuinely excited to be at a place where he's wanted -- he emphasized that, very much like Fabregas, the personal attention he got from Jose via the phone calls was a huge factor in choosing Chelsea -- and he's ready to go and score some goals, help others score some goals, win some games, win the fans' approval, and generally do whatever it takes for the team to win.

Titles and winning.  Sounds fantastic.  Welcome, Pedro!  Let's go!

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