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Broken nose, protective mask confirmed for Gary Cahill

Silent Guardian.

As confirmed by the late edition of Chelsea TV's Blues News, England Brave Punching Bag ... err, Gary Cahill ... has a broken nose.

This time, unlike against Barcelona in the preseason friendly a couple weeks ago, Cahill's nose did in fact get broken when a goalkeeper, Asmir Begovic in this case, mistook his head for the ball.  At least against Barcelona he scored a goal for his troubles.  On Sunday, he only got a painful loss and an even more painful nose.  Sweet Zorres mask, dude!

Cahill didn't seem to be slowed (see what I did there?) much by his condition and temporary fix on Sunday, so presumably he'll be ready to go on Sunday once again with the mask in place.  Though after many consecutive weeks of easy-to-predict starting XIs, Jose Mourinho might actually spring a surprise of two on us this weekend.

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