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Juventus director does not rule out signing Juan Cuadrado this summer

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

There's a chance we look back on today, this Wednesday the 19th of August, 2015, as the day everything changed.  It's a very very very very tiny chance, but like Lloyd Christmas once said, I'm telling you there is a chance.

It goes a little something like this: Pedro in today, Cuadrado out tomorrow, Pogba in the day after.  Then Cesc Fabregas's partner convinces Messi's partner to move to London.  Then Cristiano Ronaldo comes, too, purely to be an 85th-minute impact sub if ever need to find some late goals.  Michael Essien discovers time travel, and uses his bionic legs to dominate box-to-box.  Not sure where John Stones fits into the story, but let's throw him in there, too.  Chelsea go on a 345-match winning streak.  Football is canceled.  World peace reigns.  Follow me on Twitter!

But first things first: Cuadrado.

"We've kind of abandoned the Draxler option for several reasons, but we're looking for a trequartista. We want a top player, they're not easy to find."


"Juan Cuadrado? Maybe he'll be on the market. We're looking for someone with different characteristics, but we have 10 days to fill the gap in midfield, so we'll see."

-Guiseppe Marotta; source: Football Italia

Like I said, it's a tiny chance.  Cuadrado is most certainly not a trequartista, and thus, as Marotta says, he's unlikely to fill the biggest gap that Juve need filled at the moment.  That doesn't necessarily rule out them taking on Cuadrado anyway as an added midfield option -- they did give Pogba* the (symbolic?) no.10 shirt after all -- especially after abandoning pursuits of Isco, Oscar, Mkhitaryan, and now Draxler as well.  They've also been linked with Spurs' Christian Eriksen, but we all know how annoying Daniel Levy can be, so maybe Marotta will be forced into something a bit more desperate.  Ten days is a long time!

* Marotta also confirmed (again) that they have indeed received several offers for Paul Pogba, but they "never opened to a sale".  I'm putting this in a footnote so that it doesn't affect too much our impending 345-match winning streak.

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