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First words: Baba Rahman speaks of his motivations, his goals, and why he chose Chelsea

As always, the full interview is only available on the Chelsea official website, with the appropriate Fan Club PLUS+ (plus plus?) membership.  While this interview alone certainly won't inspire anyone to plunk down the cash for access, the other offerings on tap are probably worth it.  There's a write-up of a few short questions, covering much of the same ground, on the website as well.

"[I've chosen to put BABA on my shirt] because my dad's name is Baba, I love my dad so that's the reason. He's a Chelsea supporter so he's very happy and proud. He's not in the country at the moment but he will definitely be watching every game."

-source: Chelsea FC


In any case, as mentioned, the full interview itself is mostly of just your standard first interview variety.  Baba Rahman is here to win trophies, work hard, step up to the challenge, win some more trophies, and work even harder.  He's looking forward to joining up with the rest of the squad — did enjoy his "football is not a one-man show, we have to play together" answer when asked which player he's looking forward to playing with the most — and also looking forward to playing for Jose Mourinho, who "can be pretty funny on TV" at times.  (And many other things, at other times.)

Baba says he's ready to step into the team straight away — he did go through a full preseason with Augsburg after all, while the transfer itself dithered on.  He does hint at a slight annoyance that it's taken this long ("finally"); I wonder if his motor accident played any part in it.  Regardless, he's here now, partly on advice of fellow Ghanians Christian Atsu and Michael Essien, both of whom only had good words about Chelsea.

Baba Rahman's answers leave no doubt about just how much pull Chelsea can have in the transfer market.  The 21-year-old seems equal parts excited, awed, and nervous, which seems like a pretty appropriate balance for such a young man.  Welcome, again, Baba!

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