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Here's a 22-minute-long reminder that Jose Mourinho is the best

Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

The two key quotes that are making the rounds from BT Sport's exclusive interview (Portrait of a Champion) with Jose Mourinho (who is part of their promotional campaigns as brand "ambassador") relate to his coming back home to Chelsea and his glowing praise for assistant Rui Faria. The interview aired last night (Tuesday), though it was probably taped a bit earlier than that.

"[It] Was dangerous, was dangerous for many reasons, the first reason is, the old saying don't go back where we were happy before. Why? Because people love me here and Chelsea fans they look at me as somebody that was important in a certain moment of Chelsea history."

"Why to come back almost one decade after, to risk the prestige and the passion that you got so in that respect was a difficult situation.... And the second reason was because the Chelsea top team finished and no more Essien, Makalele, Lampard, Ashley Cole, Drogba, all these guys."

"And the third reason is the evolution of the Premier League in the sense, of in this moment, even if you want to win the league you risk to finish out of top four and two seasons ago Man United out of top four, last season Liverpool out of top four and next season somebody will be also out of top four and when you start to see in a top club, you can be champion, you can be out of top four, so I think yes risky."

-transcript from Evening Standard

Certainly an interesting and even timely comment, considering the volatile mood shifts that a large fanbase like Chelsea's can suddenly experience, no? The bit about the Premier League's evolution rings true as well — it's not the first time Mourinho's talked about that either — just look at the signings Stoke City are making, for example, or the fantastic start that Leicester City have made.

Speaking of fantastic...

"I don't want to put them (Rodgers, AVB, Karanka, Clarke — Ed.) all in the same dimension and when I, if one day I have to speak about disciples, the real one is the one that is with me since 2000. The one that has more potential than any other one, the one that if he wants to become a manager tomorrow he is more than ready to do it at the highest level but is the one that simply is enjoying so much to be where he is that doesn't have that feeling."

"But if one day I have to choose my successor, if you want to use that, the one that I really feel thinks like me, is adapted to my way of lead, he's adapted to my way of coaching, he's the one with more similarities with me even in some traces of personality, is my assistant, Rui Faria."

-transcript from Evening Standard

Rui Faria certainly has become Mourinho's rightmost right-hand man among all the rest of his right-hand men, and the Chelsea manager has spoken many times before of Rui being practically an extension of his brain and his will (and I don't just mean via an earpiece hidden under a wooly hat). It will be interesting to see if either of them ever willingly break the telepathic connection they share and strike out on separate paths.

The interview covers many more topics beyond these two, so you should definitely give it a watch. Even if you're having a five-second-angry with the manager. (Not that he's likely to care about that right now — he claims his greatest trait is not caring what other people, especially in the media, think of his methods, tactics, and general demeanor.)

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