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Oscar to 'probably' miss more time than initially anticipated

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The "little" injury grows a bit less little.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

It was supposedly just a "little" injury that kept Oscar out of Sunday's game against Manchester City, but according to the manager's latest update, that "little" injury might cause the Chelsea midfielder to miss at least two weeks.

"Oscar's injury isn't a big one but it stops him from playing today and probably next week."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Sky Sports via FourFourTwo

There is still no word on what the actual problem may be other than that it probably relates to a muscle.

Many have cynically interpreted this situation as some sort of excuse made up by Mourinho to explain not picking Oscar against City, but it's not like he needs to make up stories to himself or to others (especially Oscar himself) about squad selection.  Chances are that Oscar would've started on the bench had he been healthy anyway, as Ramires had been Jose's preferred option the last couple times we visited the Etihad.

Unfortunately, now it sounds like we'll be missing this quite crucial piece of the Chelsea machinery for at least one more game, next Saturday against West Bromwich Albion.