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Manchester City 3-0 Chelsea: Post-match reaction

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Well, that wasn't the best.  It'll get better, I promise.

  • At least we didn't park the bus, right?  Entertaining, right?  Except we lost.  Which is anything but entertaining.
  • Sergio Aguero claimed he wasn't going to be quite match fit for this one yet.  He lied.
  • Yes, Ramires was onside.  Tough call for the linesman, with the man keeping Ramires onside (Sagna) on the far side of the pitch and moving in the opposite direction.  Technology is the answer.
  • Can't believe Eden Hazard missed that chance.  Straight at the goalkeeper.  OH COME ON...
  • That's two turning points, the two big chances we had for the equalizer.  City's wrestled, against-the-run-pf-play second sealed the deal.  The third was spectacular, in fairness.
  • Referee Martin Atkinson has a reputation for being fairly lenient and letting things go.  He did that reputation no harm.
  • The half-time sub for Terry ended two streaks:  his consecutive minutes played in the PL (3555 minutes), and the fact he had never been subbed off in a PL match by Mourinho.
  • 1 point from two games.  It's happened before.  It's happened last season.  Onwards and upwards.

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