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Mourinho hints at future transfer plans

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Beside the part where journalists have gotten their jimmies rustled ("Doctor-dodging Dictator" is modern art, really) that Jose Mourinho had the audacity to partially set the agenda for Friday's press conference — apparently he threatened to walk out after they kept asking him about the thing he told them not to ask him about* — the Chelsea manager did provide a few quotes of interest, including a few words about Chelsea's (apparently reduced) transfer activity this summer.

"You can say ‘Why didn't we do our business before the start of the pre-season?' like we did last year but it's not because we don't want to, it's because it's not possible. So, in this moment, we are a bit limited but I have no doubt that the club will give the squad a couple more players."

"We were tired towards the end of last season and the team had problems. We went for a slower start - a short pre-season, with only three matches before the Community Shield - and we knew that the start is not going to be the same kind of start that we had last year."

"Clearly we know what we are doing. Clearly some bodies didn't react as well as we expected. We are not at the top of our game. The normal tendency is, week after week, to improve."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Guardian

The "couple more players" could very well be referring to Baba Rahman (who supposedly passed his medical on Friday and should be announced any moment now as a Chelsea player) and John Stones, whatever the status of that saga may be at the moment.  There's also a chance that "couple" is meant to be taken less literally than just "two."  Soo... welcome Pogba?  (Kenedy, I suppose, could also be included here, but my guess is he's already considered part of the squad or part of the loan army, at worst.)

The throwaway line at the end, about bodies not reacting as well as expected could be referring to Diego Costa and his hamstring frustrations, or Cesc Fabregas, who is clearly off the pace so far.  It's probably not a cause for huge concern, though I do wonder if such an intense preseason was the best way to make up for a late start if we're okay with not being at the top of our game anyway to begin the season.  And does this tie in with any of our medical staff issues?  Wheels within wheels...

Regardless, Mourinho had a few words specifically for those fans who may be panicking a bit.

"If Chelsea supporters are worried about the transfer window it must be until the moment Mr Abramovich bought the club because since he bought the club Chelsea supporters cannot speak in a negative way about the transfer market, only in a positive way. We managers won titles, players won titles and I think the contribution of the owner has been fantastic."

"If we are not top of the league in relation to spenders, it doesn't mean people need to be worried. Why? First of all, the transfer window is still open until 31st August. Second, you don't always have to be the champion in the market. Third, we do things when we can do and when we think it's the right moment to."

"For example, we didn't buy a striker two years ago. We didn't buy a striker because we knew the next year Diego Costa is coming and for a price which doesn't need discussion. So you need to think more than in the moment."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Inside Futbol

So, basically, to put it bluntly, calm the [fun] down.  And... welcome Pogba in January?  Also, does the emphasis on price mean that we've given up on Stones at his current, astronomical price tag?

"Sometimes you have to think more than the moment and many times is the reason why we don't discuss things publicly because we work inside and the owner is the owner and he will be the owner I believe for many years."

"The board has such a close relationship with the owner the board just gave me a four-year contract so we are in great stability and we work fantastically well."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Star

Trust.  I'd add "in the project" but I think we outlawed that phrase after AVB left.  But the relationship between Mourinho, Abramovich, and the Chelsea board seems as strong as ever, which is obviously fantastic.

* The press, in general, have now fully turned this into an anti-Mourinho thing.  Which is unsurprising because it sells, but it obfuscates the greater issue of proper sideline medical care and practices, plus there's still that troubling Castles report about the locker room "discomfort" with Dr. Carneiro, too.  But whatever, let's talk about Mourinho swearing (think of the children!) or how Mourinho didn't apologize in public after holding clear-the-air talks with his medical staff.

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