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Chelsea appeal Thibaut Courtois' red card

Julian Finney/Getty Images

Thibaut Courtois' red card against Swansea was contested and supported throughout the internet since it happened -- some coming out to say he didn't deserve the card and others accepting the fact that it should have been a red anyway. The club, however, isn't happy about Michael Oliver's officiating and decided to appeal the player's suspension.

Some will say this is tribalism and that José Mourinho is instigating the "campaign" even further this season, starting it right at Premier League's first round. But this is simply Chelsea looking at their best interests as Thibaut Courtois is the club's first-team goalkeeper and they want him to be available in one of the season's most important games. Appealing the red-card is the optimal solution as they have little to lose and much to gain in this process.

Still, it is hard to see the FA doing anything other than upholding Courtois' suspension -- with or without a "campaign" behind their reasoning.

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