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Did Courtois' gamble rain on Oscar's day?

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No more fake friendlies – points are a stake for every match and the Premier League is back. We talk about our opening draw against the Swans and look towards our next opponent, Manchester City.

Walk it off.
Walk it off.
Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

London is Blue is a football podcast created by three Chelsea FC fans from America and covers all things Chelsea. Hosts are @BBBusbee, @DanDormer, and @NickVerlaney.

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Review: Chelsea vs. Swansea


1. Is Willian or Courtois more to blame for the Belgian's sending off?

2. Is there  depth at a particular position that worries you more than others?

Upcoming: Chelsea vs. Manchester City


Brandon: Chelsea 1 - 0 Manchester City

Dan: Chelsea 1 - 1 Manchester City

Nick: Chelsea 1 - 3 Manchester City