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Fiorentina give up on Salah, want money from Chelsea instead

Paolo Bruno/Getty Images

It sounds like Fiorentina may have actually chosen the path of common sense with regards to Mohamed Salah.  The young winger's agent last claimed that his client will be back with Chelsea for the start of training camp (that's today!), and it would appear that Fiorentina have finally relented on trying to force the 23-year-old to join them against his wishes.  Instead they will ask for their loan extension fee back, which is reasonable enough.

The Viola have asked Chelsea for the €1 million they already paid...

But just when common sense is about to score a glorious victory, here comes insanity again. an additional €3m as a ‘prize' for helping the club increase his value.

I hope Chelsea's response to the request for extra compensation was a hearty 'lolwut' before telling Fiorentina to kindly stop wasting everyone's time with frivolous requests.

Whether Salah remains with Chelsea for next season remains to be seen of course.  Perhaps he's back just to collect his Premier League winner's medal from the last season.  He's continuing to be strongly linked with Inter Milan, among other Serie A clubs, while Atlético Madrid sometimes pop up on the horizon as well.  Though after all this drama, it would be pretty funny if he just ended up staying...

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