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Chelsea finally announce new home kit … release date

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It's unclear whether these are Chelsea players or dark wizards summoned to help continue our quest to be evil at football (or both?), but apparently they're here to tell you that the new Chelsea home shirts will be revealed on July 16.  Why July 16?  No clue, though it is exactly one week before our first preseason friendly.  At this rate, the away shirts and the third kit might be revealed by Christmas.

If these shadowy figures have compelled you enough, you may even pre-order said shirts, in either long-sleeve or short-sleeve, "authentic" or just regular configurations.  (That last bit is usually just the privilege to pay $30 more for a non-embroidered logo and thinner polyester.) There's even a box for a goalkeeper shirt (green!).

blank boxes home shirts

While we basically do know what these shirts will look like, thanks to the steady flow of leaks and spy shots, do adidas and Chelsea really expect to receive that many pre-orders for these blank boxes?  For the ultimate early adopter, they've even made the away shirts (white!) available.  BUY BUY BUY!

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