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More details leak of Chelsea's 2015-16 home shirt

Jamie McDonald/Getty Images

Chelsea preseason 2015-16 is about to start.  Our first friendly is in just a couple weeks.  Surely, by then, we'll actually know what the upcoming season's shirts will look like?

For now, here are Todo Sobre Camisetas, who tend to be on point with their reporting about shirt rumors, with the latest high resolution shots of our home shirt.

Couple interesting things to note.  The button on the henley collar isn't a button at all.  It's a snap fastener straight out of the '70s.  Retro-chic!  And the lion tag on the hem features a "fingerprint" of sorts, though I'm sure it's just symbolic in nature.  These newest shots also confirm the weird double-layer thing at the ends of the sleeves and on the hem.  Wonder what purpose these serve.  Previous features such as the vertical tonal stripes and the 'TYRES' branding for Yokohama are present as well.

These shots very much look like the real thing.  Better ready your wallets, if they tickle your fancy.

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