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The Baba Rahman rumour machine takes a surreal twist

How lack of common sense turned an internet comment into a web of nonsense

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

The internet is a crazy place. It can be the most useful resource in the world for information. But if you don't know how to utilize common sense in deciphering the massive amounts of information it can lead to problems.

Let's use Chelsea-target Baba Rahman as an example.

The highly-rated Ausburg left back is being sought after by some of the best clubs in the world. wrote a nice piece highlighting why the player is so good and rated his strengths, weaknesses, etc. Go read it, it's great. We're not here to talk about the article, but about one of the comments below it. One user under the name of "XabiAlonso" wrote a nice comment about how much he likes the player.

Obviously this person is a fan of Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso and decided, for whatever reason, to make that their screen name. We all know this is not the real Xabi Alonso, right?

Well, Ghana did not know this. They ran with the comment and even attributed it as a quote from Alonso in a piece about Rahman.

Goal have since taken the page down and replaced it with a symbolic error message.

Yes, it is embarrassing. noticed the glowing words that Alonso supposedly bestowed upon the Ghanaian and just decided to go with it. Why not?

One person's lack of common sense turned into several different errors and misquotes. A lesson for everyone using this powerful tool we call the internet, use some common sense.

(h/t Nick Dorrington)

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