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Chelsea legend won't return to Europe following a tough season

Andy Marlin/Getty Images

One of the strangest things of last season was Lampard's departure from Chelsea. After failing to reach a deal with the club's management, the legendary midfielder was reportedly joining New York City FC, a brand new MLS franchise created in a joint venture between City Football Group -- a holding company which also owns Manchester City -- and the New York Yankees.

Things got messier when Lampard joined City in what was believed to be a six month long loan to maintain his fitness for the upcoming MLS season. Later on, it was found out that the six month loan was actually a one-year contract -- just like the one he had reportedly rejected from Chelsea.

A year later, Lampard doesn't want to go back to Europe.

I might train somewhere to stay fit (after the MLS season). But I won't play anywhere. I've had my time in the Premier League and Europe and it's not going to happen now.

Frank Lampard. Source: The Daily Mail

In the same interview, Lampard also said that the request to play for Manchester City "came from the top" -- probably from Sheikh Mansour -- and that it wasn't an easy position for him. Nevertheless, Lampard pushed on with his decision to play for the club.

Some Chelsea fans were upset with Lampard for joining a direct rival, and things worsened when he scored key goals in some matches in the first half of the season -- including the one against Chelsea in Etihad Stadium that leveled the game for City. But now, it seems that the Chelsea legend regrets making the move. Had he earned the title with Manchester City, people would claim that his Chelsea legacy was "tainted"; but a year later, it's best to consider it more of a bleep than a stain on someone as important to the Blues as Lampard.

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