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Mohamed Salah will not start preseason at Fiorentina or Inter, claims agent

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Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Mohamed Salah's saga continues with yet another tasty chapter! And now, after going through a long journey in Italy, it's time for our protagonist to return home. Maybe these will also be the final chapters?

In an interview with Sky Italia, Salah's agent Ramy Abbas said that the Egyptian attacking midfielder will be joining Chelsea's pre-season training camp.

The player will go to the training camp with Chelsea. The English club meets up again officially on Thursday [this week] in London, and Salah will be there with them

Source: Football Italia

After Fiorentina's threats to Salah and possible suitor Inter Milan, it's only understandable that Salah would decide to settle on his parent club instead of jumping back into the eye of the tornado. Maybe he should stay at Stamford Bridge after all, specially after Arda Turan's transfer to Barcelona and with Colombian attacking midfielder Juan Cuadrado seemingly in the same "should I stay or should I go" debacle. Willian does need a backup!