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Chelsea accept Salah bid, while Inter and Fiorentina go to war

Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Like the mythical Helen of Troy, Mohamed Salah has managed to incite a war between two nation-states.  And the person with the itchiest trigger finger is a Fiorentina vice president.

"Dear Giovanni [Malago], Salah is the final straw. We can no longer tolerate that signatures and rules are worth less than zero."

"If football clubs were to respect transparency rules, then Inter would already have been relegated. Whose money is it being used, is it starting from the Cayman Islands?"

"Michel Platini knows that Inter have broken the Uefa Fair Play rules. For Salah and other players who cost millions. This is the chance to make an example of them"

-Paolo Panerai, Fiorentina VP; source: Twitter via Viola Nation

Mr. Malago is the president of the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI).  It's unclear why Paolo Panerai's tweets are addressed to him, but the message is quite clear nonetheless.  And while Panerai's account is unverified, it prompted an official response not only from Inter but subsequently from Fiorentina as well.

F.C. Internazionale announces that it has read with great astonishment the comments made by the Paolo Panerai on his personal Twitter account.

It is not acceptable for anybody to talk out of turn about our club, casting doubt over its solidity and transparency. It is not acceptable for anybody to offend our club and, as a consequence, our fans, with comments that are utterly lacking in foundation.

F.C. Internazionale is dismayed by the request for exemplary sporting action to be taken against the club, given that it and many other clubs has just signed a public agreement with UEFA to respect the FFP regulations.

Given that Fiorentina is clearly attempting to involve Inter in a matter that doesn't concern it, in order to cover up a problem between Fiorentina and the player Mohamed Salah, F.C. Internazionale will make recourse to any authority necessary in order to protect its image and integrity.

-source: Inter official

Fiorentina moved quickly to remind everyone that Panerai's Twitter opinions are his own views and not official company statements.

Meanwhile, despite all these bullets flying overhead, Inter have managed to smuggle a messenger through enemy lines to deliver an urgent missive.  Chelsea's response to this missive is said to have been a resounding affirmative.  Though sources can be pretty sketchy in times of war.

The Milan club have since agreed a €20m fee with Chelsea, say Calciomercato, that works out to be around £14m. Personal terms are obviously sorted but that doesn't mean the transfer is yet done.

-source: Sport Witness

Speaking of personal terms, let's check in with Salah himself.  Has he got anything to add?

Whatever that means.

Salah also answered a Fiorentina fan on Twitter as to why he's doing this to the team in purple.

"The rumours in the media aren't always credible. I respect Fiorentina and don't want to talk right now."

-Mohamed Salah; source: Football Italia

The rumors may not be credible, but actions speak loud and clear.  Salah may say he respects Fiorentina, but his actions have been anything but respectful towards the club and their fans.

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