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Happy birthday, Gianfranco Zola!

There's never a day when watching 25 minutes of Gianfranco Zola is a bad use of your time, but it's particularly appropriate today. The Chelsea legend turned 49 today, and although he only spent seven seasons with the Blues, he practically defined the club in the late 1990s, helping steer us to new heights and ultimately the unprecedented success of the Abramovich era. If anyone deserves a birthday celebration, it's him.

Some (not many, in fairness) supporters who've been around for a long time express disdain for the newer batch of fans. Not for me. The appropriate emotion for anyone who didn't get to see the little magician in his prime is pity. Missing out on Zola means missing out on a player of unsurpassed elegance and invention, a brilliant act both on and off the pitch. Hopefully the video -- which we've posted before and will definitely post again -- helps make up for that loss.

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