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Diego Costa plays futsal, knocks people over, gets mobbed by men in fatsuits

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At one point in this video, Diego Costa is chased by a bunch of men in fatsuits. There's a good chance this is all just a fever dream. But then Diego knocks you down, and you realize this is all very real.

That's our Diego!

Costa, Shevchenko (apparently), and the man they call Falcão (the OTHER Falcão) are all participating in the 32nd edition of the Al-Roudan Tournament. The tournament that takes place during the holy month of Ramadan and involves upwards of 80 teams. It's unclear how or why Costa is there — there's a good chance he's only taking part in a few exhibition friendlies. Others, like the aforementioned Falcão, are actually getting paid by their teams.

In any case, Diego's team (called Chelsea; bonus points for figuring out where Costa got his shirt) won their first match 7:0. Diego scored 5 goals.