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Salah agent brands Fiorentina threats 'pathetic'

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

This is escalating really fast. Yesterday, it looked as though Fiorentina and Mohamed Salah might come to an agreement to keep the winger in Florence on loan for next season. That fell apart and the Viola made some disgruntled sounds which turned into vague threats of legal action the next day. And Salah's agent, Ramy Abbas, has decided to kick things up a notch in his response to the club.

Please note, in response to the Viola’s Press release, that at the moment Salah is a Chelsea player,. We referred to the document signed by all [three] parties in January, which is clear, crystal clear, and it’s regrettable that Fiorentina are now talking about legal proceedings.

It’s very sad to see a great club like Fiorentina make such pathetic attempts to renege on their agreements, and their written contractual obligations. Salah would like to play for a club with different moral and professional values.

Source: Football-Italia.

It's worth pointing out that it's rumoured that either part or all of the reason Salah didn't want to go back to Fiorentina was because they let manager Vicenzo Montella go at the end of the season, so there may have been some bad blood even before Salah asked for more money. But no matter what the motivation is, this sounds like it could get very, very messy.

Hopefully Chelsea can steer clear of any legal snares, but in the meantime we all get to enjoy a PR slugfest.

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