Stamford Bridge Expansion Scuttlebutt

Courtesy of RuudieCan'tFail:

General vibe seems to be that the club have learned a lot from the CPO fiasco & their consultants are considering a lot of feedback from supporters & locals. From what I can recall off the top of my head:

– They can’t fit in a v.large single stand like Dortmund, Liverpool, b/c of the confines of the space.

– Away support will be roughly where they are atm (top tier in the Shed), although will be higher up & further from the pitch.

– They say it will take the stadium to 60k, although one ITK guy who works at the club & has been well ahead of the curve on other events (e.g. called Yokohama deal a month before the papers reported it) says we should expect it to be 65k.

– They’re going to ‘dig out the basement’ of the ground by at least 4m to accommodate larger, what appear to be steeper stands.

– Pitch will be a bit bigger to meet UEFA regs.

– Supporters’ memorial walls will be transplanted to new stadium.

– Current season ticket holders will be roughly where they were before, the lucky b*stards.

– Wembley the favourite relocation spot, although apparently Twickenham is still very much a live option. Spurs will probably try to to claim Wembley around the same time while they develop their new stadium, but consultants are confident Chelsea would trump them in such a scenario (b/c no one likes dealing with Levy & Roman will pay a good rate).

– Needless to say, the chosen architects Herzog & De Meuron are amazing. The gothic/‘brutalist’ inspired brickwork will be closer to the Tate Modern than the beautiful stadium they made for Bordeaux, and will be a good fit for urban landscape of London. Uber modern, and yet wedded to London history & culture, and a building that has genuine architectural merit, not just another soulless bowl of concrete & glass (see The Emirates, The Etihad, the new Spurs stadium).

Think that pretty much covers it. If we do follow through with this redevelopment, it’s going to be funny hearing Liverpool fans giving their ‘you ain’t got no history’ chant in a stadium that was inspired by Stamford Bridge’s history as a 14th century diocese of Westminster Abbey. Back then the population of Liverpool was less than 300 people…

Link to the stadium presentation courtesy of TLODD

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