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Fiorentina continue to block Mohamed Salah's Roma switch

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Everything was set to be over. From an ominous tweet by Mohamed Salah himself to objective confirmation from Salah's agent Ramy Abbas, including a flight to Rome for a presumed medical exam ahead of the transfer's official confirmation, we had every single thing in place so the scene could be wrapped and we could get this whole thing over with... But no one expects the Viola inquisition!

We believe [Mohamed Salah] has a contract with Fiorentina, and now we will find an adequate solution. Right now we are primarily talking with Chelsea, not Roma. Clearly, until there is a solution, he cannot play. Fiorentina has never said 'Salah cannot be in Italy', actually it is like I just said, Roma could be an option, but I repeat, we are mainly talking with Chelsea.

-Andrea Rogg, Fiorentina General Director


From the looks of it, Fiorentina and Chelsea have yet to reach an agreement over the situation, with Fiorentina believing they deserve compensation for raising Salah's market value and his "contract breach" -- and Chelsea rightfully contesting these stances.

What a mess. Hopefully it will all be solved before Chelsea's friendly against Fiorentina at Stamford Bridge next week -- otherwise, you can forget the "friendly" part of that match.

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