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Mourinho already has to defend Diego Costa, and it's only preseason

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The post-match interview after Chelsea's 1-1 draw in Charlotte, NC against Paris Saint-Germain was mostly a standard affair.  Jose Mourinho talked about the surprisingly hard-fought match, about the wonderful local supporters, and about the pep in Falcao's step, joking that the striker is still fresh from vacation, having yet to truly experience the grueling pre-season double training sessions and the like.

But one moment stood out.  Some hapless hack started to ask Jose about the "interesting challenges" that Diego Costa made.  Mourinho refused to answer the question until the journalist rephrased it as "interesting challenges" that Serge Aurier made.  I wish I had video of this, but I can't find any at the moment.

"It wasn't Diego, it was Aurier who made the...what do you call them? ‘Interesting challenges?' Ask me about Aurier and I'll answer."

-Jose Mourinho; source: NBC Sports

Eventually, an answer did arrive.

"Aurier is not a player who normally plays in the PSG team. Normally they play with Thiago Silva and David Luiz and Marquinhos. So he had a chance, he faced the game like a big game and it was important for him, and he was I too aggressive."

"For me no problem, I understand football, and Diego behaved tremendously well."

-Jose Mourinho; source: Chelsea FC

Diego Costa agitating the opposition.  Grumpy Mourinho fighting the narrative.  Midseason form already!  Though Jose's in-match protests could use a bit more practice.

P.S.: Meanwhile, here's the forearm shiver that apparently nobody cares about.

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