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Chelsea, Roma agree Salah deal, but here come Fiorentina to complete things again

Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Are you ready for the latest plot twist in the Salah-days of Our Lives?

The giallorossi have reached an agreement with Chelsea on a loan deal for €2 million with a forced option to buy set at €20 million. The player will earn a substantial wage of €3.5 million- the negotiation is in the final stage since the clubs are starting to put together the necessary documents.

-source: Gianluca Di Marzio

Great!  Signed, sealed, delivered, right?  The numbers match the previously rumored financial arrangements, the wages seem outrageous ... buuuut whatever, not our concern.

But hold your happy dances.  Heeeeeeere's Johnny Fiorentina!

The situation with Mohamed Salah is a bit more complicated [than Szczesny's loan move to Roma], his arrival will take some time. There still isn't an agreement with Fiorentina for striker Destro, which is the player Sabatini wants to include so Fiorentina drops their dispute with Chelsea. Fiorentina wants to acquire Destro on loan, but that isn't a formula that Roma likes — they prefer a straight sale. Chelsea may have to intervene to move the deal along...

-source: Gianluca Di Marzio

Oh for the love of...  This, apparently, is still a concern.  I had hoped cooler, more rational heads would prevail when Fiorentina threatened to sue the whole world because of Salah, but maybe not.

So, I'm guessing here, but it wouldn't surprise me if we have to end up buying Destro for them.  And then load up the loan with all sorts of fancy buy-options, because clearly nothing could ever go wrong with such arrangements.  That'll be our "compensation" payment for this wonderful service that Fiorentina have done for us to make Mohamed Salah the most sought-after man in Italy.

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