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The Daily Hilario: Not faking it

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

I'm sure Aston Villa fans took no pleasure in this.
I'm sure Aston Villa fans took no pleasure in this.
Quinn Rooney/Getty Images


Digging the '80s vibe.

One-man band Robert DeLong — his live shows are a riot — is from Bothell, WA, which is a suburb very near where I spent many of my formative years in the Seattle metropolitan area.  In fact, during one summer, I volunteered at the Bothell Senior Center, teaching computers to old people.  This was back in the days of Prodigy email accounts.  Prodigy Internet has since been swallowed up by SBC, then AT&T.  Ancient history.  The area itself has changed quite a bit, too, with the growth of UW Bothell and Cascadia college.  Very different character now than 20 years ago.

(By volunteer, I mean I played copious amounts of computer games.  Using a computer and reading email wasn't exactly an in-demand activity at the senior center, as one might imagine.)


FOOTBALL (all times BST):
13.00:  ICC:  AC Milan vs. Internazionale
13.30:  Friendly:  Brentford vs. Stoke City
14.00:  Emirates Cup:  Wolfsburg vs. Villareal
16.00:  Friendly:  Werder Bremen vs. Sevilla
16.20:  Emirates Cup:  Arsenal vs. Olympique Lyonnais
18.00:  Friendly:  BVB vs. Juventus
18.05:  Pan Am Games, 3rd place:  Brazil vs. Panama
18.30:  Friendly:  Nantes vs. AFC Bournemouth
21.00:  Gold Cup, 3rd place:  USA vs. Panama
21.00:  ICC:  Barcelona vs. Manchester United
23.00:  ICC:  Paris Saint-Germain vs. CHELSEA

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