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Falcao speaks!

Arriving late is the early theme of Falcao's tenure at Chelsea.  For example, he's about two years late in arriving.  And his first interview is about a month late.  But he's here now — and maybe he'll arrive late in the box to smash home a few goals? — so let's bask in the glory of El Tigre and his amazingly timid, positively Torresian mannerisms.  Yeah yeah yeah, give him a chance, etc etc etc.

Thirty-nine seconds!  What a tease.

If you hop over to Chelsea official (and are a member), you can watch the full 6.5-minute interview.  There's also a write-up on the site, though strangely, the contents of that interview and the full video do not overlap.

Both interviews are mostly fluff.  Chelsea's latest attempt at making the #9 shirt worthwhile talks a lot of about people having faith in him, especially Jose Mourinho.  And the usual stuff about looking to win trophies and scoring some goals and playing hard and training even harder and being at a big club and living in a big city.  The written interview also talks a lot about past glories, which ... well...

"I am with a lot of motivation to join Chelsea. I have challenged myself to play in the Premier League and I am enjoying living this experience with a lot of motivation, with a lot of concentration, because I want to triumph with Chelsea. I want to win the league and to be important in the team."


"I talked with Juan [Cuadrado] before I came to Chelsea but I had decided I would like to join Chelsea some years ago. The media talked about me and Chelsea and it was not possible but this summer finally I come."

-Falcao; source: Chelsea FC

Better late than never, they say ... though they can often be wrong.

Prove me wrong, Falcao!

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