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Sepp Blatter offered an internship by former Chelsea chairman Ken Bates' Radio Yorkshire

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Former Chelsea owner and chairman Ken Bates can be a divisive figure for Chelsea fans.  Considering that during his 21-year reign, he, in turn saved then almost bankrupted the club, while often treating club legends and fans with a fair amount of scorn, that's not surprising.  But he also had his lighter moments, and was never far from a joke at someone's expense.

Today, that someone is Sepp Blatter, so we can freely laugh along.  Emphasis added.

"What [Radio Yorkshire] are offering is a job placement opportunity for two weeks, here, at Elland Road and he can find out how to be a proper broadcaster, and perhaps how to answer questions and commentate clearly and openly without confusing the audience."

"I believe Sam [Brydges, Director of Broadcasting] has even generously offered to provide him with accommodation in case he can't afford to pay for his own for the two weeks in Leeds."

"When he returns to Zurich he can be the European commentator on the European political scene. I think it's a very generous offer on your part, Sam, and I think Mr Blatter would be very wise to take it up."

-Ken Bates; source: Yorkshire Evening Post

Bates and his sharp tongue were doing their weekly interview with Radio Yorkshire, a station Bates himself set up recently, to, in part, cover matches for Leeds United where he now serves as honorary president.

The offer, about which they're apparently quite serious, came about after Blatter's comments a few days ago (at the same event where he was showered with money).

"On the 27th of February, or 26th of February FIFA will have a new president, FIFA will have a new young president, and I think I will come back to my work, it was a little bit my hobby I have to say, as a journalist, but this time I will go to radio because I think radio is the most popular item in information because it's 24 hours and everybody can listen and if you are travelling all around the world, you always hear radio. So if you ask me what I want to do, and it's easier to speak than to write."

-Sepp Blatter; source: beIN Sports

Plus, much less of a paper trail, right, Sepp?

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