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Courtois: It's a 'new era' at Chelsea

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Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Being the present and presumably the future at goalkeeping for Chelsea, Thibaut Courtois is also keenly aware of its past. The Blues owe a great deal to the now-departed Petr Cech, and Courtois is keen to -- although not obsessed with -- replicating his predecessor's feats:

I am happy here. In my first year I won two trophies, which is amazing. Let's hope we can continue like that and add more trophies to my collection. What Petr [Cech] did with Chelsea was exceptional. I hope to get as many trophies as he did. But his tally is not something I am staring at. Now it's the new era.

The Belgian also knows his place as a starting goalkeeper is not completely safe, especially after the club brought former Stoke City goalkeeper Asmir Begovic to be his back-up.

It is the same as last year for me. I started the pre-season thinking as a no. 1 and trying to get myself ready for the first game. Petr and Asmir are both great keeper and I know I have to play well. There is no difference in having Petr behind me or Asmir.

Source: London Evening Standard

Despite Asmir Begovic's poor performance last night -- one that Mourinho blamed on tiredness -- the newest goalkeeper in Chelsea's squad should keep Courtois in check and provide a good cover in case the Belgian international goes down to injury, fitness or poor form. But let's hope that's never necessary.