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Mourinho: 'The second half was a disaster, but I’m not worried'

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Losing 4-2 to New York Red Bulls II of the USL is obviously not the ideal result with which to start preseason.  Then again, preseason results matter not at all and worrying about them is quite silly in the first place.

Match announcers, the Internet, even some Chelsea fans were quite quick to beat the "embarrassment" drum, and if that makes them happy, then more power to them.  But the fact remains that these, mostly hilarious, 90 minutes matter as much for the outcome of the upcoming season as last summer's 3-0 defeat to Werder Bremen mattered to our Premier League title or 2011's 1-0 win over Portsmouth mattered to our eventual Champions League title.

"They gave us a good training session. If we came here today and won 10-0, I'm not happy with that."

-Jose Mourinho; source: NBC Sports

Mourinho praised the home side for their intensity, their desire, and for giving us "exactly what we needed."  He admitted that we made plenty of mistakes in both defense and attack ("should've scored more goals," he said in Fox Sports's post-match interview), but when some reporter suggested that this result might suggest Chelsea have fragilities, he dismissed such nonsense with a smile.

"You are speaking with the manager of the best team in England. We don't have fragilities. We are a top team, we have top players. We started training six days ago and we did 11 training sessions in six days. We don't need other players."

"We play ten times against Red Bulls, we win nine. The second half was a disaster, but I'm not worried."

-Jose Mourinho; source: NBC Sports

And neither should we.

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