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Graeme Le Saux, local hero

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The football offseason can be a slow time for those not consumed by the daily pursuit of the hottest transfer nuggets and ridiculous rumors.  Unless of course you're Graeme Le Saux, Chelsea legend.  Then, you might just happen upon a "blazing inferno" in your backyard anyway ... and then go in for the rescue.

If you follow that link, you'll even get to see eyewitness video of the fire consuming the elderly couple's campervan, which apparently broke down right by Le Saux's Surrey home.  The former Chelsea left back and current NBC co-commentator rushed in and helped save a 72-year-old man who apparently was more concerned with his wallet than the fact that his van, with both gas (i.e. propane) and petrol (i.e. gas) on board, was on fire.  Thanks to Le Saux's effort, the man only suffered smoke inhalation and is now recovering in hospital.  His condition was not serious.  No doubt Le Saux was also relieved that the elderly couple could probably claim this on their insurance.

Graeme's wife, Mariana gave a fairly riveting account of it all to the local Get Surrey reporter, including the lasting impact it made on their son.

"My son said after, ‘just so you know, we are never going on a caravan holiday after this'."

-Mariana Le Saux; source: Get Surey

That's a good call, young one.  Caravan holidays are silly anyway.

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