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YouTube pranksters sneak into Chelsea's Montreal hotel, sign Terry and Matic to intramural soccer team

I have no idea who Thomas Brag is or what his YouTube channel Practical Procrastination may be all about, but it sounds like he's doing a 30 challenges in 30 days thing, and on day 18, he and his friends decided to involve Chelsea as well. Without Chelsea's knowledge or permission, of course.

These YouTube "entrepreneurs" are based in Montreal, which is where Chelsea just so happen to be staying for preseason training camp. And so they hatch a plan to sign John Terry and Nemanja Matic to their intramural soccer team. They also try to recruit Jose Mourinho, but the Chelsea coach sounds quite unhappy about this whole disturbance so that quickly becomes a non-starter.

Still, through some amateur Mission Impossible-style hijinks, the plucky local heroes / pranksters / trespassers / disturbers-of-the-peace succeed in their mission and secure the two most important signatures on what looks like incredibly official paperwork. Well done!

(h/t: /r/chelseafc)

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