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Behind the scenes of Chelsea's 2015-16 home kit launch

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Ok, on three, act tough! One, two ... three!

This short behind the scenes video is equal parts silly, cool, and cringey, as Diego Costa, Eden Hazard, Cesc Fàbregas, John Terry, Oscar, a Yokohama tyre (or tire, if you're rebel scum) and others help adidas launch the new Chelsea home kit.

With Diego Costa front and center, this year's launch has a fairly different and new vibe to it. A lot more "in your face," a lot more confrontational, a lot more "macho," for lack of a better word. It's well in-line with adidas' recent There Will Be Haters campaign, but unfortunately, only Diego Costa can pull aoff ll those qualities naturally. Still, props to the rest for trying as well, even cuddly little Dorian Gray Oscar, who seems to have the most difficulty acting like a tough guy.

Unfortunately this video still doesn't shed any light on the significance of the "fingerprint" detail or how they manage to come up with these nonsensical tag-lines like "if it's not Blue, it will be." What does that even mean!?