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Fiorentina have no dispute with Chelsea, but would like their Salah money back

Clive Mason/Getty Images

A recap: at some point last year, Fiorentina agreed to pay Chelsea £700,000 to take Mohamed Salah on loan for the 2015/16 season. Salah decided not to rejoin them and to go somewhere else instead, which rather upset the viola, who threatened to take legal action and generally threw the mother of all strops over it. And while it's a bit funny that they're sulking so hard at one of our loanees, there was a worry that Chelsea themselves might somehow end up a target.

But it looks like we're not going to end up as collateral damage after all:

The rapport between Fiorentina and Chelsea is excellent. There has been some contact between clubs. We want to emerge from this situation in an amicable manner. Chelsea have many interesting players and this could be the route we go down.

Source: Standard.

That would seem to confirm the rumour that we're just going to loan them someone else instead (and we'll have to give the Salah loan fee back, of course), so all that's left as far as Chelsea are concerned is to work out to who ship off to Florence in the Egyptian's place. Who's keen on spending some time in Serie A?

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