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Watch: First unofficial 3D render of new Stamford Bridge

Bonus points for using the best soundtrack.

The creator of this video, a YouTube user going by the name of 'Neil Vano' describes it as "a really quick, low res test render of the new Stamford bridge stadium design, based on the schematics and plans released by CFC." It's been making the rounds of the Chelsea Twitterverse today, though its origins are apparently this thread over on a forum called There, user 'Neilando' provides slightly longer commentary.

Hi. I have attached a link to a test animation render I made of the model. It is a low res, low detailed model guys. So don't judge me on the low quality, its really just to show different angles for those of you who have asked for such.

When more detailed images are released, I will do a proper model, with details and photorealism. But it is really not worth it right now, as beyond what I have been able to model from the images CFC have released, anything more is purely guess work, and that's not what I want to achieve.

You can see pictures of the model he built earlier in the same thread where he posted the video. But you may have seen these already on Twitter and elsewhere.

Just like the 2D model, the video lacks any color information. We do know that the exterior will make heavy use of London stock brick, which is a yellowish-brownish color (before grime and pollution).

That roof sure is going to look spectacular.

(h/t: @sidcelery)

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