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Lucas Piazon clarifies earlier 'waste of time' comments about his Chelsea future

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ESPN, Lance!, and Terra were just three of the major Brazilian media outlets to carry Lucas Piazon's rather blunt comments yesterday about how it would be a "waste of time" to stay at Chelsea.

It wasn't so much the content of his message — he's unlikely to get minutes with the Blues at the moment, obviously, so another loan is clearly the preferred choice — it was the way he delivered it and the way it translated into quite the incendiary, quotable headline.  In light of that, Piazon (well, his publicist or PR guy) has found it necessary to clarify the interview via a post on Piazon's official Facebook page.

Contrary to what was published today in some portals as ESPN, [Terra] and Lance!, Lucas Piazon never said that [he] has no interest in playing for Chelsea...

[The career path] set by the club, in total agreement with the athlete, is that Lucas Piazon [plays for] other clubs to acquire more experience before joining definitively the list of Blues. This, by the way, is part of Chelsea's strategy and with other young Brazilians and also athletes of other nationalities.

There is the possibility of a new loan for next season as part of the final phase of preparation Lucas Piazon. Two days ago the athlete spoke about it to GloboEsporte.Com when it was clear:.. "Of course I wanted to be in London, playing at Chelsea but I see it as a natural process that [I have] to go through. All my friends are going the same thing. I understand and try to take each loan as well as possible. I've played three different leagues, try to learn from each ... and [to] evolve [so that] in the future be part of the Chelsea team."

Since his arrival in London, Chelsea had ever considered selling the rights [to] Piazon, despite having received several inquiries from several Premier League clubs in the last two years.

Lucas Piazon prefers be borrowed again to have more playing time and return to London much more prepared ... if [he stayed now with] the Blues [he would have] little chance of [playing] regularly.

-Facebook via Google Translate

Essentially, still the same message, but delivered much more palatably.  This is why public relations is a marketable skill.

Piazon's currently engaged with the Brazil under-22 squad at the Pan American Games.  Once he's done there, he'll head out on loan somewhere currently unknown, again.

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