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Chelsea set to sign 13-year-old 'new Yaya Touré' from France, confirms club president

Naouir Ahamada (sometimes called Naoui Agamada in other reports) is a 13-year-old French midfielder playing for an amateur youth club in Marseille called SpCD Air Bel (sometimes called SC Bel Air).  A few days ago, reports surfaced about Chelsea supposedly looking at signing the young kid.  Unlike many such silly reports that run in the Express and Squawka, this one apparently has legs to stand on, at least according to a French source citing the president of said youth club, Chaïb Draoui.

"For a year and a half, he was closely followed by Manchester City and Chelsea, but there is a half months, he was summoned by the Blues for a test of week. They recalled a fortnight later for a friendly match against Arsenal, it was very good and the leaders came to Marseille to see the parents and make a contract proposal. They go up on Thursday to sign."

-Chaïb Draoui; source: Le Phoceen via Google Translate

So apparently we brought the kid in for a trial, which went well enough that we're proposing some sort of a contract.  The kid's just 13 though, so who knows what the legal implications are.  Obviously, we can't just whisk him away to London just yet.

"It is a commitment that allows the kid to stay another three years at home, before signing pro directly to the age of sixteen He will still flourish with his parents. and progress with his club before joining England."

-Chaïb Draoui; source: Le Phoceen via Google Translate

Maybe he means at 17; isn't that the earliest age kids can sign their first pro deals?  Then again, here's an exception listed by FIFPro that should allow Ahamada to move at 16.

In the FIFA Regulations a special provision has been made for young players to protect them from going abroad too young. Only 3 exceptions are made. At first the players are allowed to go abroad if parents move to another country for another reason than football. The second exception is if the player lives only 50 kilometres or less from the border of the country he wants to play and the new club is domiciled also within 50 kilometres from the border on the other side. The third exception is only applicable for EU players between 16 and 18 years. The clubs can sign contracts with these players if they are properly housed and get proper football and academic education.

-source: FIFPro FAQ

It should be noted that the first exception listed is how we managed to snap up Jeremie Boga some years back, who, incidentally, was also from the Marseille area.

In any case, Ahamada seems to be a big, strong defensive midfielder of African descent (possibly from the Comoros, though information is rather scarce), so he's been quickly termed the latest next Yaya Touré.

And that's just about all we know.  And all that we will know for some time.  He is just 13, after all.

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