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Charles Aranguiz continues to try to drum up Premier League interest

Vinicius Costa/Getty Images

We haven't touched on the Charles Aranguiz rumors at all yet.  Most of that is due to the fact that the only source that reported Chelsea supposedly "signing" the Chilean international was the Metro.

They were piggybacking on some random Marseille fansite claiming interest in the midfielder from a whole host of teams, including Chelsea (who were promptly attributed a "personal agreement" with the player according to a "close source"), Arsenal (who had been linked before), Manchester City (for whom he'd love to sign), Liverpool, and Bayer Leverkusen.  It's about as dubious of a combination as it gets for a transfer rumor.  No other major outlets picked this up as an original story; they all just reported it as "according to the Metro."  There were absolutely no reports of any such move in the South American media.  So we passed.

That said, there does seem to be some sort of Premier League angle to this whole Aranguiz story.  And that, namely, is his agent trying to drum up some interest.

"Aranguiz prefers the Premier League. But Marseille and Ligue 1 also have a great reputation and can't be ruled out."

-Cesar Behling, "representative"; source: Mirror

Aranguiz called the Arsenal rumors a "dream move" back in the spring and there's little doubt he'd like to have his big European payday after all the years spent in the Chilean and Brazilian leagues.  He just had a very strong Copa América, and many teams should be interested.  Whether Chelsea are interested remains pure speculation at this point however.

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