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Chelsea about to hit the backup goalkeeper jackpot, again

Gareth Copley/Getty Images

Let's be conservative for a moment, and say that Chelsea had two of the ten best goalkeepers in the world backing up each other last season.  That's an incredibly rare, if perhaps even unprecedented situation, and that it lasted for 12 months is a testament to everyone involved.  But now Petr Cech has moved on — here's visual evidence that he indeed will wear a [redacted] shirt next season — and we are in dire need of a backup goalkeeper.  Miraculously, it looks like we're ready to make a signing that will once again have two of the best Premier League goalkeepers (let's say top 10, to be conservative) backing up each other.

If you've been following along, you'll know that like dominoes, the pieces have been falling into place one after another.  Villa signed Mark Bunn on Thursday, making Shay Given available to be signed by Stoke City on Friday, making Asmir Begovic available to be signed by Chelsea (on Saturday?).  Hopefully.  Probably.  Most likely.

Courtois & Cech is set to turn into Courtois & Begovic.  A downgrade, sure, but a huge win for our player recruitment.  I'm not sure how we did it, though I guess lots of zeros and shiny things were involved.  Regardless, Begovic is not here to rehabilitate a career.  He's not here as a lottery ticket.  He's not an aging veteran on his last hurrah.  He's not a youngster, a reject, or an unknown quantity.  His accomplishments aren't from another league.  He's a battle-tested Premier League standout.  And he's homegrown!


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